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Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Hello all my fellow quarantines!!!

How is everyone feeling?! It is a crazy time or so it feels like it is. I wanted to jump on and let you know that I'm going to be working hard at building this blog, my website, and my music. To those who know me personally, I am not that tech savvy so it's quite the challenge for me. All advice is welcome.

There's so much going on in the world right now. So many people are experiencing big changes whether it's now working from home, under quarantine, and some people are even jobless. I don't think any of us really saw this coming. I work in the event industry, so my job has pretty much been obliterated. It's funny though, I didn't get on here to complain, I wanted to actually encourage you. As crazy as this has all been, it has been a great reset. What are you doing to pass time? I have been watching so many musician friends get creative and host live videos. Other people I have seen pick up new hobbies, and start selling on Etsy. How fortunate are we that even in a crisis, we are able to find ways to make money. We are able to talk, text, facetime, etc.

I picked up a couple of books. I am currently reading Find Your Path by Carrie Underwood, and I also picked up Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. It has really helped break up the Groundhog day feeling I have been having. Carrie Underwood highly encourages people to move their bodies in her book, so that is exactly what I have been doing. My gym is limited to 10 people at a time, and there's over 1,000 members so I am finding creative ways to stay going. I highly encourage you to get a walk in, I know for us midwesterners the weather is still not amazing, but the fresh air alone will make you feel better.

To keep this short and sweet, I am challenging each of you who reads this to join me in my mini fitness challenge below.

Walk 20 minutes a day

25 squats a day

30 lunges

15 pushups

If anyone has any ideas on what they want to read about, please let me know! I love writing and I have missed it so much so this is good for me and I hope for you!



Picture courtesy of Charmaine Barden.

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